UNITY BIBLE CHURCH service times are every Sunday morning at 10:00AM.






We want you to know what to expect when you visit us at Unity Bible Church.






To hear a sermon from past weeks or a missed service, we offer downloads of our weekly sermon.





Committed Enthusiastically to Glorifying Our God

We know that this is why He created us, and why He has brought us to Himself, that we might enjoy and worship and exalt and serve Him now and for all eternity.

Committed Unequivocally to the Word of God

We know that this is His Truth, Truth about Himself, Truth about how we can have a personal relationship with Him, and how we can live lives that are pleasing to Him.

Committed Wholeheartedly to One Another

We know that His design for believers is that we live and serve and minister as part of a Community, a Family, and that we be genuinely devoted to one another in love.

Committed Unashamedly to Proclaiming Christ

We know that His desire is that all would come to know Him, and that salvation is only found in Jesus Christ, in acknowledging Him as Lord and trusting Him as Savior.